For all of you with a need of special service and ultra-comfort, we offer you 3 residential suits that will make you feel sorry to leave at the end of your stay … because, who would want to leave a space designed to fulfill the wishes and needs of the most picky-ones? Our residential suits have comfy sofas in an air-conditioned area for the part of the day when you'd like to rest from the beach, and feel the comfort and warmth of the space that's been built so you can enjoy as if you're at your own home. Do you want to have dinner "at home"? The dining table awaits you. What about the standard content that our hotel offers like the non-standardly amazing view from the terrace? Yes, yes, yes.


Each and everyone of the 27 apartments that we offer with great pleasure are designed to satisfy all of your needs. We, the loyal servants to your satisfaction, have an unconventional approach when luxury is in question, so besides all of the modern technologies that you have at your disposal and the million-dollar-view, in our apartments we'll make you feel just like home - only if your home is big, on the lake shore and surrounded by people that make sure you have everything you need 24/7: air conditioning, hi-speed Wi-Fi, dining table and a terrace from which you could throw your look to the big blue lake, waiting for hours until it gets back.


Have you been looking for a hotel room with a size that could easily be mixed for a small apartment? You have found it. We have 19 double-bed rooms fully equipped for your maximal enjoyment. And when we say Enjoyment, we mean it. You have the option to choose a room which has dining table and a terrace with a view over the beautiful lake and the magnificent city at the touch of your hand.

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